Writing - story telling is fun

I guess I've always enjoyed the written word. Our hardback library is over 2000 items, mainly books. We have wide interests.

Stories I've written and had published

With the exception of the first story I got published in my college newpaper, the rest of the stories have all been motorcycle related. If you are going to write, it's always good to choose a subject you know and enjoy.

Motorcycle articles

My first story is about a replacement set of exhaust pipes for my Harley, made by Samson. Better flow exhaust leads to (see carb story)

learn how I modified the carb on my Harley, hey with more exhaust flow, I could bump up the incoming air flow. Better hp, better mpg.

discovering Portland with the Seven Rivers Run

let's go to DJ's swap meet, winter of 1995

attend the Tacoma Motorcycle show - I GOT FRONT COVER


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