I've been taking pictures since I was a Junior in High School. I was on my High School newspaper as a sports photographer.

Film was where it all started

I learned how to develop and enlarge my own black and white photo's. I never got around to learning how to develop color negatives. My understanding is there are several additional steps and temperature of your development chemicals is very important.

My first 'camera system' was a Canon A1

I eventually upgraded to a Nikon F5

I also purchased a Pentax 67 for medium format work

My lense choices are ALWAYS ones made for the camera BY the manufacture OF the camera

My focal lengths that I used the most were a 24 - 55 zoom, a 55 - 150 zoom and a 120 - 300 zoom - these three lengths allowed me to do the majority of my work - but I did also use several fixed length lenses - a 55mm and a 120mm were the two I used the most when not using zooms - and I DO like an 18mm fisheye for that 'funky' look


Digital photography - where we are now

With the introduction of the digital photography, the world changed forever. Gone were the days of shooting 36 shots and then reloading a film camera, or grabbing your 'other camera' and keep shooting - this is why so many who work as a photographer have a spare or back up body - that way they can keep shooting if their original camera body fails or runs out of film -

THIS ALL WENT AWAY with the introduction of digital - the ability to take 50 to 500 shots on the same card, the only hangup now was battery life - even this portion of photography has made some forward progress -

Video - HD - 3D - our future

With the introduction of digital, video production was greatly simplified and lead to HD (High Definition) and then 3D (three diminsions) and I would hazard a guess that EVENTUALLY we might even see a holographic type of photography in the next fifteen or twenty years, perhaps sooner

Some of my pictures

some african artifacts - one of many african items I have collected

Eliot and King Louie - 'dog jail' - but in reality they are looking out the front porch of our house, watching the day go by

a Nissan truck from a guy who painted the house across the street - nice truck - and YES, those 'doors' actually opened!

that is a TWO SEATER bar stool four wheel unit POWERED by a jet engined auxillary power unit - it was FAST