Four Paws and lots of hair

We have been rescuing dogs for twenty five plus years - we love large dogs. Before we got our first pair of dogs, we did a lot of research. We narrowed it down to Great Pyrenees or Newfoundlands.

Great Pyrenee's

We started with Ester and Andre. We got them after we bought our first home in Denver, which had to have a fence FOR our dogs.



Next came Rusty. We rescued Rusty from a Shelter in Austin, Texas.


Then we were three. We moved from Austin back to Denver, then on to Oakland, Ca. Ester passed away in her sleep in Oakland at the age of 4 1/2. Then we were two.

We moved from Oakland to Portland, Oregon, where we lost Rusty to cancer. Then we were one.

Then along came Holly. We were two again.


Off to Denver again, where Andre passed away in his sleep at the age of 12. Then we were one. Not wanting Holly to be alone, we rescued Eliot and King Louie.


King Louie

Holly passed away in her sleep at the age of 9. Then we were two.

Along came Maggie, Gabriel and Moses from the Western Slope. Maggie and Gabriel were a mix of Akbash and Great Pyrenees and Moses was a mix of Anatolian and Great Pyrenees. Then we were five.




We lost King Louie at the age of 12 1/2 - then we were four

With a burst of energy, along came Claire Bear - she was stepped on by a horse at the age of five weeks and while it crushed her right hip socket, the vet fixed that, but could not fix her hamstring, which had atrophied - she gets around on three legs, unless she's in a hurry then she drops her butt so her other leg can be used and she is quick, and turns on a dime...

Clair Bear

Then we were five again

We lost Gabriel at the age of 4 1/2 - then we were four again

Our vet gave us two sisters, Coco and Oreo - NEWFOUNDLANDS entered our lives for the first time - we have goofies!!! what sweet heart animals...




in 2010 we lost Eliot at the age of 13 and we were five again

in 2011 we lost Moses at the age of 7 and we were four again

Late 2011 we lost Maggie at the age of 8 and we are three again

After a couple of years we decided it was time once again to rescue more animals.

First Augie entered our home in the summer of 2013 - Augie is 9 years old and a very sweet spirited animal. He has several minor problems but none effect his spirit and his ability to move around and be happy and we became four again!


One month later, we lost Coco and had very heavy hearts - when we first got Coco and Oreo our vet warned us they both had heart murmurs and might not last six months - that was a few weeks short of five years when Coco passed away - even Oreo was sad for a while because we are just three.

A month or so after that, Bella entered our lives. Bella is 4 years old and just a happy dog - while she looks like Coco she is a smaller dog and her personality is completely different. We love her very much and we are four again!


In January of 2014, we lost Oreo. She is up in heaven with Coco having a great time. But we are sad to have lost her. She was such a happy dog. And now we are three again.

We are considering rescuing another animal or two into our home. Rest in Peace, Oreo, Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot. Our only solice is that you are once again with your sister.

Baxter entered our home and was somewhat shy at first. He was found wondering the streets of Lubbock. Because he did not get fed properly he has cataract on both eyes. The vet who examined his eyes said we could get them fixed, but also said he can see just fine - albiet with a 'blank spot' caused by the cataracts. Baxter is around two years old, but because he was rescued on the streets we literally do not know how old he is. After several months with a foster family to get his health issues corrected, he came to our home. Since then he has become part of our pack of fun loving dogs. We are four again!!


Logan came to us after Baxter. He is a Flat Coated Retriever approximately four years old and is full of life. Logan has epilepsy and has to take medication every day, but he seems adjusted to it. His first seizures were scary, but with the help of our vet, we adjusted his meds upward until he stopped having the seizures regulary and now only has them once a month or less, a BIG improvement over how he was when he first arrived to our home. He loves running around the back yard at full speed. Chasing squirrels and trying to get our other Newfies to play with him. Alas, none of them seem interested, though every once and a while, Bella will run around with him chasing her. He is a very happy dog, with long legs that gives him speed that none of our other dogs have. We are five again!!!


On April 30th, 2015 we lost Claire Bear. She was eight. And for the first time in 27 years we no longer have any Great Pyrenees of any sort in our home. We still have three Newies and one Flat Coated Retrevier. Mom and Dad miss you very much. It was a very sad day, but Claire Bear is now runnning full speed up in heaven with no problems with that right hip any more. We are four again.

On August 30, 2015 we lost Augie. He was eleven and a half. We only had him for the last two and a half years of his life. He was such a sweet heart, he loved everybody he met, including all the dogs. He gave the best kisses with that large tongue and was alway ready for a belly rub, as he would flop over on his back and show his belly any time he felt he needed a belly rub. So you just had to rub his belly. That made him and you feel a little better.

It makes me very sad to have him pass. While it is a sad day, Augie is up in heaven playing with Coco, Oreo and Claire. We are three again.

Here is the YouTube link to Logan swimming two laps in our pool earlier this year. It is now the end of November and he just went swimming in the pool again. Normally he swims one lap and then gets out. Here he is swimming two laps before he gets out of the pool. He's a great dog.

Whats next?

Who knows what the future holds for us at this point. Hopefully we will have more rescues. Big, gentle giants, that we can love and care for.

Special thanks

Peggy and I would like to give out a SPECIAL THANKS to Bob James, DVM, owner of Aspen Commons Vet Clinic - he's a great vet and a good friend. We would also like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to the Old West Newfoundland club for allowing us to bring their rescues into our home to raise and care for. Plus our thanks goes to our vets at the Southlake Crossing Animal Hospital.