Cooking - goes with eating

Everybody loves to eat a good meal - so we try very hard to provide great meals to folks who come to sit at our table

Recipes and cooking styles

Gotta start digging them out - coming soon as I get a ROUND TUIT - I got one around here somewhere

Jammin Jimmy - jams, jellies and peppers

We love to make jams mainly and can peppers and tomatos that we grow in our garden - that way we know what we are eating - plus they make great gifts

Plus we love to garden and what it provides that we can cook with or just eat as it comes out of the garden...

we also make a spice mix that is dry rub that is excellent on all sorts of poultry, beef, pork, vegetables - added at the raw state prior to cooking or on the table when serving


Peggy's father was a chef - she got her fathers flair for cooking

Jim's grandmother on his mother's side was a great cook and let him play with flour and water as a young child - so the seed was planted